8 healthy snacks for kiddies ♡

Yummy healthy snacks that kids will love (hopefully)

Hello guys!

Welcome ( or welcome back) to my bloggy blog. So today, I’ve decided to try something a little different to my usual ramblings about my life and my baby Ava (you know I HAD to get a mention in there) ♡ . Today, I give you a list! (I love a list) a list of healthy savoury snacks for your littlies. Or if you’re picky like me , you!

Another first for today is; this is my first ever collab! But, I’ll explain that later.

So I was gonna make a pun about the fact that there are 8 items on this list and ate , like with food…but let’s just get into it…

  • Crustless quiche with a butternut base. This is one of my personal favorites. This meal is easy to make, cost effective and absolutely scrumptious 😋
  • Simple cheese muffins. And by this I mean super simple . I mean you use 3 ingredients… 3! Cheese , milk and flour !
  • Carrot and apple muffins. Yup, you read that right and it is delish. So, you make regular bran muffins and chuck in some grated carrot and apple. Top tip: grating in veggies is a great way to make sure your kids have veggies without having to threaten them with their lives or force it down their throats.
  • A platter for one. My daughter is quite independent and loves feeding herself so this is one of her personal favourites. This is simply some crackers, carrot and cucumber straps, a little bit of cheese and some yummy t-sauce. It’s messy, delicious and healthy. So a win-win for everyone. Well, except for the person who has to clean up afterwards (*cough cough granny cough*)
  • Rice cakes. These are simple, relatively neat and absolutely delicious. Throw on some tuna and you have a healthy snack for the kiddo.
  • Biltong. If you manage to practice self control and not eat the whole bag of biltong on the way home, biltong is a wonderful snack for kids. Obviously the leaner the better (though wet and fatty is BAE). You can buy biltong in bulk as you are able to freeze it. (Wow, never thought I’d use anything I learnt from months working in a biltong shop but, here we are )
  • Nuts. Obviously not if you’re child is allergic. If you try this and turns out your child is allergic… please don’t hate me.
  • Hashbrowns. Now, you can get fancy and cook these from scratch or you can buy super fun ones shaped like smiley faces. (I think you know which one I choose.)

I hope that this list inspired you. Okay so, as I mentioned before this is a collaborated blog post so go and check out some yummy sweet snack options over on my friend Bianca’s page. And brace yourselves she is a lot more organized and professional over there. Click the link below to check it out.

Oh, and happy snacking!

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